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Sunday, January 05, 2014


Tangled in a web of
machinations and lies
Truth never seen truly
except in her eyes
Lost in a myriad of
thoughts and perceptions
Always resorting to
black vile deception.
I am both lost and found
When I hold her closely
Though sometimes I feel
She can see right through me.
I'll keep her for now
Lost in her eyes of blue
But when she gets too close
You know what I'll do.

Friday, July 19, 2013


What would you say
If I were to tell you
That this was the last text
I’m ever to send you.

Would you ask me why
Or tell me I’m something
Would it make you cry
Could my words really sting?

If I said that I didn’t belong
And this was the only way
Would you say I was wrong
And help me see another day?

We shared some laughs
Had some great times
I don’t want them to end
Yet I can’t live these lies

But you have nothing to fear
Love, this is quite true
If this were my last text
…I would never tell you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How did this happen?

I tremble in darkness
Afraid of the unseen
Scared of what lurks in shadow.
I yearn to be free
Unbound from my chains
To run through field and medow.
Unable to move
From this place I am in
Will I ever be released?
My doubt and my pain
I hold deep inside me
Prevent me from finding peace.
Alone in the dark
Trapped forever
I wonder if here I will die.
Falling to the ground
I Clench both my fists
And reach them to an unseen sky.

Friday, November 07, 2003

You tell me we're through
In front of your crew
Hoping to get a reaction
In revenge for your contraction.
I look away from you
Whispering that it can't be true.
You and your friends mock me
I want nothing more than to flee.
Then you have the audacity
To ask to remain friends with me.
I shake my heand and draw my gun
My turn to laugh as your friends all run.
Now you're all alone, how does it feel?
Your mind must surely start to reel.
Going over the events of your life
Seeing your joys, sorrows, pain and strife.
You don't want me? That is fine.
I must then kill you and make you mine.
Together we'll be immortalized
The whole world will sympathize
Hold your breath as the bullet flies
To your head, a second between my eyes.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Fun Interrupted.
It is fun to see
What others claim
Do not exist

I revel in
A madness that
Claims many, releases few

Or, so I'm told
By the men in
the white coats.

But the others
Shimmering, etherial
They show me paths

Paths that exist
That others don't see
That don't exist.

I travel one
As we speak
I near it's end.

What will I see?
What will I have?
Peace, at last.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Hey all
First of all I want to thank you again for the kind words you've posted in my dreambook, they are all appreciated alot!
Second, I've moved my updates to a different server. Livejournal, here is the link.

Why the move? I've had less problems with Livejournal, AND there is a comment section available to all who wish to post. Saves me from having 2 different services, one for bloggin and one for guesbooks.

Thanks again, and enjoy some new writings.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Why laugh?
Last night i had a dream.
The dream was set on a stage
And the stage was set in a theatre.
The theatre was grand and proper
Lush tapesteries hung on the wall
The seats were all of a plush red
Silk cords tethered the waiting crowd
Wanting to see the play
The play of a thousand souls
The play of ten thousand smiles
The play of a millon frowns
The crowds was ushered in
They took their seats
The lights dimmed
The curtain was drawn
The stage lights rose
And there I was
Bound and naked
Broken and disheveled
Eyes swollen shut
From fists of rage
Blood free flowing from my nose
From the broken cartelage.
Scratches and deep cuts
From nails and knifes alike.
The crowd gasped
Then one broke into laughter
Which spread to another
And another in succession
Quickly like wildfire
Until everyone was in a roar.
THen I fell over
And the laughing subsided
Until one person shed a tear
And that tear hit another
Causing her to cry.
The entire theatre wept
The floor became very damp
Cleaners came in with mops and buckets
But they too cried when they saw me.
The curtain then fell.
The crowd stopped
The crowd then left.
And I remained, waiting for the next show.

Only one thousand minus one left to do.

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